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CNC Ironworkers for work on angles, flat bars and profiles for construction and metal work sectors, amongst others.

CNC Ironworkers for Plate and Flat Bars

Geka CNC ironworkers are specially designed for cutting and punching Plates and Flat Bars of great thickness.

Paxi Series

CNC punching and shearing lines which carry out perforations of up to 40mm in thickness and on lengths of up to 709”. The Paxi family has several options: Paxi 1000, 1500, 2000 or Xplus.

Automatic ironworkers for Flat Bars

Geka has automatic ironworkers which specialize in cutting Flat Bars; Alfa Series.

Alfa Series

The Alfa Series are CNC ironworkers which are specifically for flat bars from a thickness of 1 1/2” with the alfa 150 up to the punching and cutting of 1 1/2” thickness with Alfa Plus.

CNC Ironworkers for angles

Geka punching line for punching and cutting large volumes of angles in a completely automatic manner both quickly and efficiently.

Gamma Roller and Traction

When you talk about the automatic punching of angles, you’re talking about Gamma Roller and Traction. Automatic ironworkers which are ideal for sectors associated with metallic structures, metal work or telecommunications.

Automatic ironworkers for Beams

Geka has a punching and cutting line available for its clients which is specifically created for processing beams: Sigma 110

CNC families
  • Plates

    GEKA's PAXY product line offers CNC solutions to satisfy the requirements of punching of steel plates.

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  • Flat bars

    The ALFA product line is designed to meet requirements involved in the automated punching and cutting of flat bars .

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  • Angles

    Gamma Series are Geka CNC controlled ironworkers specially designed for angle cutting.

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  • Sigma 110

    This Geka machine has a complete processing system for drilling and marking beams, numerically controlled and programmable by means of the PC based control.

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