CNC Drilling Lines and Solutions for Plates, Angles and Beams

Fully automated CNC lines for drilling and shearing plates, angles and beams.

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Geka CNC has a special range of high performance and tailor-made Lines for CNC Drilling Plates, Flat Bars, Angles and Beams. All these CNC drilling solutions are specially designed for its use on metal structures, telecommunication towers and any other metal structures for construction purposes.

There are three types of CNC drilling solutions in Geka´s catalogue, for beams, angles flat bars and plates.

Geka, línea de punzonado CNC Sigma para vigas

Sigma 110 CNC

Sigma 110 is a CNC solution for milling, tapping, drilling and scribing on various profiles, such as beams, angles, channels, rectangular tubes and plates. Its powerful and reliable drilling head has a power up to 15 kW at its peak power.

Geka, línea de punzonado CNC Gamma Traction 250

Gamma traction for angles processing

Gamma traction is Geka´s angles processing punching and drilling machine.

Geka, punzonadora CNC Paxy

Paxy Series for flat bars and steels plates processing

Geka’s Paxy Series for flat bars and steels plates processing is another multifunctional group of machines for CNC drilling as well as punching and marking. It consists of four machines: Paxy 1000, Paxy 1500, Paxy 2000 and Paxy X Plus. The biggest machine in this series is the Paxy X plus, this CNC drilling machine can drill plates up to a size of 18 meters long. The other models can drill up to the following sizes:

Paxy 1000: 1000 mm
Paxy 1500: 1500 mm
Paxy 2000: 2000 mm

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