Sigma 110 CNC Driller for Beams, Tubes, Flat Bars and Angles

CNC Line for Drilling, Tapping, Milling, and Scribing Beams, Tubes, Flat Bars and Angles.

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Sigma 110 is part of Geka’s CNC drilling CNC solutions and it can also tap, mill, and scribe beams, angles, U profiles, tubes and flat bars up to 1m.

This CNC driller can reach a speed of 60 m/min and it has a drilling up to 13 kW in its nominal mode and up to 15 kW in its peak power. It can do its tasks at 3.000RPM.

Sigma 110 is a CNC driller that has an Optional Rotation System to flip the profile without the use of a crane. Its drilling unit it is equipped with a powerful and reliable drilling head. Additionally, its tool changer has 5 tools. It also features a user-interface that provides remote assistance.

Sigma 110 capacities

The technical features and capacities of the Sigma 110 are in the following table:

Working height30 mm – 1.000 mm
Maxi. length of profiles6 M, 12 M, 15 M, 18 M
Type of profilesBeams, Angles, Channels, Square and Rectangular Tubes, Plates
OperationsDrilling, Tapping, Milling and Marking
Spindle power15 kW (peak power)
13 kW (nominal)
Number of tools5
Maximum diameter40 mm
Tool holderSK 40
Profile rotating systemYes
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 45 Kg/mm2.
  • GEKA may change technical specifications, equipment and photographs of models, as well as any other information contained herein.
  • Technical characteristics valid except for typographical errors or omissions.

Optional equipment available

This CNC driller has two optional equipment available, if you want to learn more about them, please contact Geka.


SIGMA 110 features

The main features of the GEKA Sigma 110 are the following:

• Powerful and reliable drilling head.
• 13 kW Power.
• Extra strong double column guided movement.
• Spindle and rack and pinion X axis travelling.
• Ultra fast X axis acceleration.

• The profile is clamped to the table by means of a vertical hold down.
• Guidance of the hold down by means of 2 vertical linear guides.

• 5 tools.
• External and internal lubrication system.

• Windows 10 based PC control.
• Touch screen.
• Remote assistance over the internet.
• USB Port.

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