GCS LH CNC Laser Cutting Solution for Sheet Metal Processing

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GCS – LH is one of the Geka’s CNC laser machines. This high precision CNC laser cutting solution can process plates and profiles with different dimensions and thicknesses. Its power can get up to 15 kW. Its main features are:

• Possibility of cutting multiple materials in different thicknesses and dimensions.
• Power up to 15 kW.
• Advanced high-precision technology that guarantees high-quality results.
• Servo drive system that guarantees high precision, speed and reliability.
• Energy saving, low dust emission and efficient use of the material.

Laser GCS – LH features

These are some of the additional features that this fibre laser machine has that you may want to know:

Cutting head with possibility of automatic focus:
• Better drilling effect and shorter time to cut thick metal.
• Accurate and practical.
SANYO servo motors and drivers:
• Servo drive system of high precision, speed and reliability.
• Medium inertia and high speed of rotation of servo motors.
Electrical cabinet integrated in machine:
• Minimum external wires.
• Greater security.
Reduction Gear and Bevel Gears:
• Good dynamic performance and high torsional rigidity.
• High reliability and stability.
• Long service life.
• Automatic lubrication system for gears and racks.

CNC laser cutting Control System with optional Nesting: • Laser Power adjustment function, ensuring cutting quality and easy handling. • Independent Control Console with stainless steel button panel and 17 » screen. Efficient upper and lower bench: • Change of loader in 15 seconds.

Available options for Laser GCS – LH machine

GCS – LH is available in different sizes and various powers. It also has some options that may be added to its equipment. If you have any doubt, please contact Geka and our experts will give you the necessary advice for you to decide which is the CNC laser cutting option that best fits your needs. • Available in sizes from 4000×2000 to 8000×2500 mm. • Available in powers from 3 kW up to 15 kW. • Tube Laser Cutting rotator available. • Different possibilities in cutting head and resonator. More options available.
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