Punching CNC Lines and Solutions

Fully-automated CNC lines for Punching and Shearing Angles and Flat Bars.

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High Performance and Tailor-Made CNC Lines for Punching and Shearing Plates, Flat Bars and Angles for Metal Structures, Telecommunications and Construction.


Flat Bars Processing CNC Punching Solutions.

CNC Lines for Punching, Marking, Drilling and Shearing Flat Bars and Angles from 4mm up to 40mm thicknesses.

Alfa Series.

Geka, punzonadora CNC Paxy

Plates Processing CNC Punching Solutions.

CNC Lines for Punching, Marking and Drilling Plates up to a size of 40 mm x 18 m long.

Paxy Series.

Geka, línea de punzonado CNC Gamma Roller 80 con cargador automático

Angles Processing CNC Punching Solutions.

CNC Lines for Punching, Marking and Shearing Angles.

Gamma Roller and Gamma Traction.

Special and Tailor-Made Solutions for your Mechanical, Electronic or Software-related needs for GEKA CNC Lines.

In addition to the full range of CNC Lines GEKA offers Special Personalized CNC Solutions tailored to customers Mechanical, Electrical or Software-related needs in order to maximize the incorporation of the machine’s features into their manufacturing processes.

GEKA gives you the option of making modifications or developing new Mechanical or Electrical features for handling, processing or integrating the CNC line with other machines in the workshop. We also develop software that can communicate with customers’ other applications or generate the data/formulas the customer needs for exchanges with the punching line.

GEKA’s approach is much more customer-driven: our company’s size and emphasis on development, with the large majority of engineering done within the company’s activities, allows us to involve experts in the development of each project’s module, with a specific development team devoted to each customer.
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