Gamma Series, CNC Lines for Angle Processing.

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CNC Lines for Punching, Shearing, Marking and Drilling large volume of angles.

Gamma Traction, CNC line for processing large and medium sized angles.


Gamma Traction 250, CNC Solution for punching, shearing and drilling angles.

Traction system with feeder trolley for Punching, Drilling, Marking and Shearing angles.

Gamma Roller, CNC Solutions for processing large quantities of angles.


Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL, CNC Line for angles.

CNC Solution for angle punching and shearing.


Gamma Roller 150 2P / DPS, CNC Line for medium-sized angles.

CNC Solution for punching, marking and cutting angles and flat bars.


Gamma Roller 160 – 3P / ALPS, CNC Line for angles, flat bars and U channels.

CNC Solution for punching, marking and cutting angles, flat bars and U profiles.

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