Laser GCS – LA

Laser CNC Cutting Solution for Sheet and Profiles processing.

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GCS – LA, Fiber Laser Cutting Solution for Sheet metal processing up to 4 kW.

• Possibility of cutting multiple materials in different thicknesses and dimensions.
• Advanced high-precision technology that guarantees high-quality results.
• Servo drive system that guarantees high precision, speed and reliability.
• Energy saving, low dust emission and efficient use of the material.

Laser GCS – LA features:

Cutting head with possibility of automatic focus:
• Better drilling effect and shorter time to cut thick metal.
• Accurate and practical.
PANASONIC Servo Motors and Drivers:
• Servo Drive System of high precision, speed and reliability.
• Medium inertia and high speed of rotation of servo motors.
Electrical Cabinet integrated in machine:
• Minimum external wires.
• Greater security.
Reduction Gear and Bevel Gears:
• Good dynamic performance and high torsional rigidity.
• High reliability and stability.
• Long service life.
• Automatic lubrication system for gears and racks.

CNC Control System with optional Nesting:
• Laser Power adjustment function, ensuring cutting quality and easy handling.
• Independent Control Console with stainless steel button panel and 17 » screen.
Efficient upper and lower bench:
• Change of loader in 15 seconds.


• Available in sizes from 3000×1500 to 6000×2500 mm.
• Available in powers from 1 kW up to 4 kW.
• Tube Laser Cutting rotator available.
• Different possibilities in cutting head and resonator.

More options available.

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