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Geka has been seeking to offer the best possible performance with our machinery since 1919. All of our Geka machinery is made of quality materials and provide results that demonstrate their high performance. Also, we include after-sales support as part of our Geka services. With Geka’s technical support you will be attended by qualified engineers that can solve any problem or answer any doubt that is related to your Geka machine.

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If a problem arises with your Geka machinery, what can you do?

If you find that your Geka machine has any type of problem or any doubt arises about how it must be operated, contact with Geka’s technical support. Our technical service is available to solve your doubt about your Geka machinery or accessory. They will also provide guidance so that you can get to know all the options that you have within your product. In this way, you will be able to get the most out of your machine.

Why should you turn to Geka’s technical support if you have a problem with your Geka machinery?

Once you have bought a Geka machine, some doubts may arise about the functions of the product and it is also possible that eventually some malfunctioning may occur. In such cases it is important to contact with Geka’s technical support instead of doing so with external companies that do not have the experience and knowledge about how the product operates. At Geka, we have professionals with the maximum experience in the production chain. They will be perfectly prepared to give you the best technical service possible to keep your machinery performing at its best for as long as possible

Who is part of Geka’s technical support team?

Geka’s technical support team is composed of our team of qualified engineers with a deep knowledge of our machines and experience working with our customers.

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