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Since 1919, GEKA´s has been involved in the development of solutions to the construction, metal and telecommunication industry:

machines sold.

years of experience.

countries presence.


GEKA has more than 100 years of experience in fabricating machines and CNC solutions for metal processing tasks such as CNC cutting, punching, drilling machines.

Years of hard working with our customers. Years studying and solving their needs. Years developing our machines to fit into the standards of the new times. GEKA has a deep knowledge of the market bringing unique and revolutionary solutions to its customers.

We design all our parts and tools at GEKA. Every Geka machine and its parts are designed and built with the highest quality standards. This is the reason why our quality standards are much higher than others offered in the market, because we work hard to provide our customers with the best machines and the best after-sales service so that the lifespan and quality of their Geka machines can be extended to its maximum.

Our technical department can design and provide almost any accessory for your GEKA machine to face all the jobs. If you want to know more about our tailor-made CNC solutions, please contact Geka.

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